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I have been gardening in Boulder, Colorado for over 2 decades and have grown to love and appreciate our mountain climate.  Having spent countless hours in gardens, I have learned which plants thrive here and how they respond to their environment and how to care for them.


I provide spring and fall cleanups, design, planting, and maintenance of your property throughout the entire season. Or if you just need a one time cleanup, I do that too with my awesome crew.

I plant perennials, annuals, shrubs, vegetable gardens, container gardens and more!

We hope to inspire you to have fun in the garden and to create a sanctuary at your home that you will be proud to share and eager to spend time in.  We care for existing gardens that need weekly or periodic maintenance to keep them cared for and

looking great.  And if you need plants added to your existing spaces, we can add appropriate plants to round out the space for  an integrated natural area that you can love and enjoy.

Only environmentally responsible materials are used. We do not use any pesticides. We care for your gardens naturally!


Inspired Design 

My experience and vision allow me to choose the healthiest plants to implement into a design that flows with grace and beauty to enhance your home. From perennials, shrubs, annuals and container gardens, I use appropriate plants placed in the areas best suited for them. Sun, soil and water usage are always considered so they can thrive for years to come. Consideration for color and bloom time throughout the season is implemented so blossom,

flowers and foliage will grace your yard for the entire growing season.  


For a garden to thrive, it needs attention and care. We provide a thorough spring cleanup before plants start to grow to ensure a healthy environment for them to flourish throughout the season.

Some of our services include cutting back of spent foliage and flowers, mulching, edging, weeding, deadheading, fertilizing, pruning and love and care!   We put your gardens to bed in the fall and can do leaf removal as well.

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