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Design, maintenance and seasonal nurturing for your plants and gardens delivered with an abundance of energy, creativity and LOVE.


Welcome to my garden site. I have been gardening passionately for over 20 years in the city and foothills of Boulder, Colorado with great joy.    


I provide design, planting and maintenance for your existing landscape, as well as any new areas that need a planting of perennials, trees and shrubs. We can talk about your ideas and visions and establish a fantastic new space for you. I generally work with 3-4 helpers on my team, so we are a small, efficient crew that brings impeccable care and attention to encourage your plants and gardens to thrive.

I truly feel I have found my calling in doing this work. I approach the work with love and integrity and give each and every plant the care it needs to flourish.

Please give me a call at 303-570-2581 or email me at to get in touch. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and your gardens!

Most sincerely, Barb Colombo   Barb's Boulder Gardens


All photos by Barb Colombo-please view my photography website at

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